Hallpad - Student Accommodation Management

hallpad home screen

Hallpad is a web application designed to manage the applcation, eligibility, and lettings process for student accommodation.

Hallpad allows accommodation staff to

  • filter and allocate accommodation applications
  • manage waiting lists
  • assign leases
  • send offers
  • communicate with students througout the application process by email, letter or SMS
  • check in new arrivals
  • transfer students
  • raise invoices

Many of the repetive tasks involved in the process are fully automated, such as

  • reminder emails
  • lease generation
  • invoice creation

Students can apply online and track the progress of their application in their own Hallpad account. They are notified when anything changes with the status of their application, such as receiving an offer of a place and can sign in online and respond.

Additional modules are available such as;

  • inventory management
  • fault reporting
  • incident management

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