Print Reseller Platform - Customised, high-volume E-commerce

reseller site

Our client is a leading UK printer with a large focus on using technology to streamline the production process from initial order through to dispatch.

We have developed a number of web based applications and web sites designed to automate the order process by allowing customers to order their printed products quickly and easily online.

We have developed a custom eCommerce platform that allows customers to

  • quickly select from thousands of available product combinations
  • select additional services during checkout on a per item basis
  • choose dispatch addresses and services for each item
  • upload artwork files
  • track their orders
  • request bespoke quotes

This platform has now been combined with Mura (a powerful Content Management System) to allow our client's customers to easily launch online print stores of their own as resellers.

The reseller platform allows administrators to

  • set up a new shop in a matter of minutes
  • configure all the products available for sale
  • set margins on individual or groups of products
  • use any number of starter sites and themes or create their own
  • monitor and manage all sales through their site
  • add and edit all site content
  • optimise pages for search engines

All orders are automatically transmitted to the factory. As the print jobs progress the admin area of the site is updated at all key stages up to and including dispatch.



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