Mobile Development

Whether you just need a native mobile app or just a mobile optimised (or mobile-first) web-site we can help.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps can be publically downloadable from app stores such as the Apple App store or Google Play store, or privately available just to your organisation.

They can be developed natively for each mobile operating system, or as a hybrid app which uses the same codebase for both the major platforms.  Hybrid apps can be cheaper and quicker to develop, but you may want a native app if you needer greater integration with the device hardware or a slicker feel - we can help you make this choice.

Sample Work

Phototrails - mobile app which allows users to download trail information and use offline

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Mobile-first Websites

If the majority of your website users will be on mobile, it can make sense to develop a mobile-first website. Traditionally websites were designed to work on desktop computers, and mobile versions were built as entirely separate cut-down versions with more limited functionality.  As smart-phone use exploded, building websites responsively (i.e. they respond to the physical characteristics of the device they are being viewed on) allowed web developers to deliver the same content to both types of device, using styling to modify the design to suit different screen sizes, but they often still worked best on the desktop.  Now many sites are built to look best on mobile first, with the desktop version given lower priority. This doesn't work well for all types of site - if you're displaying large amounts of tabular data or completing complex forms then a mobile will not always be the best device - but we can advise on what will work and what won't.

Sample Work

Loch Leven Equestrian - Mobile-first website which allows users to shop and pay veterinary bills online.