Web Applications

Web applications are usually differentiated from websites by the fact that they focus on the functionality provided to your users, rather than the content.  They run in a web browser so there is no need for you to install any specialist software on your computer and are built using standard web technologies. They can be intended for use by internal users only, or external users, or both.  For example, Hallpad, our solution for managing student accommodation has a front-end website used by students and applicants, along with a back-end system used by accommodation staff.  

The value in these systems is that they reflect your business processes, guiding users the best way through, enforcing requirements where necessary, capturing all the key information and relationships and providing powerful tools to give management an overview. We design the system so that anyone who uses any other web process like an e-commerce site or flight booking will be able to follow the process.

We work with users at all levels of the organisation - this helps ensure that the people who will ultimately use the system have buy-in which can be the key to successful adoption. This also helps us to understand how things actually work which may differ from the way they are supposed to - e.g. if the users know they often have incomplete information we can build that knowledge in rather than add work-arounds later.

We will challenge your processes to help you choose the best path forward rather than always doing things a certain way "because that's the way it's always been done" but at the same time we are always aware that our job is to build a system to suit your process rather than forcing you to change to fit into ours.

These systems often replace legacy systems which 'do the job' but have not been designed with the user in mind.  It is often necessary to retain the existing legacy data, so we have developed a number of techniques to handle this, along with the skills to understand legacy systems which often come with limited or no documentation.

We frequently integrate with your other internal or third-party systems, using a variety of techniques from modern web APIs to old-school CSV export and import. This might be to keep your Mailchimp mailing list up-to-date, take subscriptions via Direct Debit using GoCardless, send and receive SMS using Twilio, include online maps, or simply to generate invoices in your accounts system.

Sample Work

Scotland's Charity Regulator - Online applications to become a Scottish charity

Hallpad - Student Accommodation management 

Scottish SPCA Membership Database - system to manage all contact information, track donations and generate income reports

Scottish SPCA Animal Database - used to track all animals in the care of the charity, including vet history and rehoming information

Scottish SPCA Education Database - used to manage and record the charity's educational visit programme

Smitten by Snow - Ski Chalet and Services Booking

Recruitonline - Online recruitment process