LocalToYourDoor - a new community website to support Fife's local businesses

LocalToYourDoor is a free community website to connect local businesses with new customers.

Like many businesses we've been thinking hard about how we personally could help our community during the Covid-19 crisis. One issue we've seen among our relatives and friends is problems finding local businesses who can offer delivery and collection. We also know that many businesses are struggling to let people know that they are open and the best way to contact them.

There is some word-of-mouth and some lists in various places, often on Facebook, but these have a few issues -

  • they can be hard to find and link to
  • they sometimes have limited and inconsistent information
  • they are not maintained by the businesses themselves, so can become out of date or have inaccurate information
  • they are not properly searchable so people can find the most relevant businesses to them

To help we are launching LocalToYourDoor - a free community website for local businesses and local people. This will provide a central resource allowing businesses to create their own listing and tell their own story, and for people to find and support their local businesses. We can provide the technical know-how to build and host the site, we hope that local businesses and business groups will come on board and help promote it to the benefit of the whole business community.

The core listings functionality of the site will always be free to use for both businesses and end customers. Many businesses already have their own website - we are not looking to compete with those and will encourage links to them. For those businesses without a website or who don't currently offer online ordering, we may add simple online ordering if there is demand for it.

We're starting with just doing this for Fife - if we get sufficient take up we have designed things so that we easily expand to other areas.

At the moment we are just taking business registrations, and are aiming to launch to the public next week. We hope you can share this with your contacts and any other businesses you think are relevant. 

Can you help us?

If you think this is an idea worth trying:

  1. Please get in touch with any relevant business contacts and encourage them to register on the site at fife.localtoyourdoor.co.uk
  2. Once we are open to the public we will contact you again and ask you to promote through public channels too.

Please get in touch if you'd like any further information or have any suggestions for how we could make this better.

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