ScottishSPCA Animal Database - Bespoke CRM

This project involved the replacement of an existing, outdated and hard to use system.  We worked closely with senior management and front-line staff to improve existing functionality and add new features, in a new system that is easy to use but still provides powerful tracking and reporting.

The animal database has the following features:

  • It is focused on the animal, with each visit to a centre by the animal linked to the main animal record.  This provides continuity for treatment histories etc. 
  • Every aspect of the animal's care can be recorded including– the arrival process, a full history of vet treatments, transfers between centres, ownership, documents, microchips, related animals (siblings, parents etc), rehoming or euthanising, website profile etc.
  • Manages the workflow of the rehoming process
  • Records details of contacts who may be previous owners, current owners or potential re-homers, including address history, and allows exports of appropriate contacts for marketing purposes
  • Export data for other systems including website and Petplan
  • Muitlple levels of data entry validation, allowing front-line staff to enter the essential details quickly, but later return to complete details for accurate reporting
  • Documents and photos can be uploaded from disk or from a network attached scanner, so all information about an animal is held in one place
  • Generate documentation including kennel cards, adoption forms and rehoming posters
  • Dashboard to give an at-a-glance view of the status of all animals at any one centre, with certain roles able to view all centres
  • A quick search is available on every screen to allow instant access to any animal if ID is known, or a full search can be performed if only partial details are known. Full search can use one or more fields, with wildcard searching available.
  • Full roles and location based security e.g. users in some roles can be restricted to viewing animals only at their own location, while other roles can view animals at all locations.  Roles can also be applied to specific fields e.g. only Centre Managers can change Arrival Dates.
  • Extensive reporting to assist day to day tasks (e.g. Vet Diary), statisitics and management reporting (e.g. KPI reports)
  • Runs as a web applications in a standard browser so can be easily deployed to any member of staff in the organisation, and is ideal for an organisation with many disparate physical locations.

Staff feedback has been over-whelmingly positive as the system requires very little training.

The system uses Adobe Coldfusion and Microsoft SQLServer databases.



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